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Foothold – An Interstellar Adventure

Foothold is the first book in the Foothold series. It chronicles the voyage of mankind's first starship, the Hope, and the mission to establish mankind's first interstellar colony. Set fifty years into the future, Foothold starts the story with the departure of Hope from Earth orbit - a voyage that starts in an unexpected way, fraught with risk as the ship's technologies are stretched to the limit. The crew have their hands full trying to survive... meanwhile, back on Earth, a powerful figure works in the shadows to twist the situation to his own advantage.

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The Seasoning

Sixteen years after Foothold, Haven has become a paradise for the eight original colonists and their families. They go about their daily lives and plan and hope for the future, not realizing that their world is about to be turned upside-down by the impossible - the arrival of a ship they all thought had never been finished, never been launched. There are three times as many passengers as there are citizens of Haven, and the original colonists have to fight to retain their way of life. The arrival of the ship is, however, only the beginning of the surprises...

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The inhabitants of Serendipity have survived the dramatic events that followed the arrival of humankind’s second starship, the Inspiration. David Miller’s beloved Grace lies suspended between life and death, and he faces the prospect of leading a divided community. Meanwhile, disaster looms in the form of a planet-busting asteroid that will strike their planet in a matter of months.

Somehow David must unite the colony in a desperate attempt to avert the coming disaster – and perhaps the extinction of humanity.

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David Miller leads a team back to the Sol system to discover what has become of his home planet. But first comes Mars, and first comes freedom. The people of Mars suffer under the yoke of a despotic dictator, and the newcomer’s arrival triggers a slow-burning revolution to explode into violence.

Swept up in a war he didn’t want, David must find a way to save the day so he can turn back to his real mission: saving Earth.

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22 comments on “My Books

  1. I enjoyed both books Dennis and I look forward to the next installment. Curious at the finding of just squidges as alien life on the planet. Seems to suggest the squidges may have been space travellers themselves before experiencing some calamity like our dinosaurs? Just guessing!

  2. Hi Martin, I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the story. There are a few subplots that are emerging that I’m playing a long game with, and the squidges are one of them… more to be revealed in book 3!

  3. Just read both books back to back and thoroughly enjoyed the two,bit bummed out to find a bit of a wait,so GET CRACKING Dennis!!.Ialso found myself thinking that story would make a rip-roaring film!!

    • Thanks, I’m still writing. I was hoping to have the first draft done by now but it’s already 10,000 words longer than books 1 & 2 and still not done… turns out there’s more to tell than I thought!

  4. Incredible. Simply incredible. I have not enjoyed an interstellar journey so much since discovering the work of Orson Scott Card. I look forward to volume 3!

    • Sorry about the wait. The good news is that book 3 – Serendipity – is nearly done. It will take another fews months to come through the editing process though.

  5. I found both books really exciting and couldn’t put them down until i finished them. Im really looking forward to the next one.

    • Thanks Molly, it’s great to get some positive feedback – comments like this keep me writing! Serendipity is coming soon!

    • Hi Scott, the good news is that it is 100% written. I’m busy editing right now, hopefully out to beta-readers at the end of this month.

  6. So, I just found these, and I am lucky three of them in a quick row or me. Lol, now I just have to join the other waiting for more. Great series!

    • Thanks Louise. I just finished editing pass 1 of 3, so I’m making good progress. It’s an interesting time because I’m going back and reading work I did months ago. I didn’t find myself with a hand over my eyes squinting through my fingers, aghast at the horror of it, so that’s a good sign!

  7. Awesome. Just spent 2 days devouring your first three books…can’t wait to discover the answers to all the mysteries! Thanks for this series.

    • Hi Jack, I’m glad you enjoyed the first four books. I’m just finishing the outline for book 5 now. It’s hard to predict exactly when it’ll be out, but I generally write one book per year at the moment.

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