The Revolution has begun

I’m pleased to announce that book four in the Foothold series is now available from Amazon here: US   UK   Canada  Australia

David Miller leads a team back to the Sol system to discover what has become of his home planet. But first comes Mars, and first comes freedom. The people of Mars suffer under the yoke of a despotic dictator, and the newcomers’ arrival triggers a slow-burning revolution to explode into violence.

Swept up in a war he didn’t want, David must find a way to save the day so he can turn back to his real mission: saving Earth.


US | UK | Canada | Australia


Foothold published today

Foothold is now out in the wild, and can be found at Amazon and Smashwords.

As this is my first book, there is still some bootstrapping going on – over the next few hours and days I’ll start to establish author pages at various websites and the book will start to be distributed through Smashwords to other booksellers. It’ll take some time to establish my platform completely – I still don’t have a social media presence. That will come in time, but I also need to get on with book #2 – especially as I gave myself a deadline by announcing it would be available in May 2015 in Foothold!