The Revolution has begun

I’m pleased to announce that book four in the Foothold series is now available from Amazon here: US   UK   Canada  Australia

David Miller leads a team back to the Sol system to discover what has become of his home planet. But first comes Mars, and first comes freedom. The people of Mars suffer under the yoke of a despotic dictator, and the newcomers’ arrival triggers a slow-burning revolution to explode into violence.

Swept up in a war he didn’t want, David must find a way to save the day so he can turn back to his real mission: saving Earth.


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I hit 50% by word count on book #4 today – 55,ooo words. Feels good to have some momentum going. Aiming to finish the first draft by the end of June.

Book 4 underway

My outline for book 4 is now complete and back from my editor. I wrote the first two scenes for the book today – excited to be writing again after a lot of plotting and learning. I know I said it for Serendipity too, but I think this book is shaping up to be the best yet. I guess that’s the point, they should be getting better and better as I improve… no pressure Dennis!

Foothold Book Three Released

I’m pleased to announce that book three in the Foothold series is now available from Amazon here.

The inhabitants of Serendipity have survived the dramatic events that followed the arrival of humankind’s second starship, the Inspiration. David Miller’s beloved Grace lies suspended between life and death, and he faces the prospect of leading a divided community. Meanwhile, disaster looms in the form of a planet-busting asteroid that will strike their planet in a matter of months.

Somehow David must unite the colony in a desperate attempt to avert the coming disaster – and perhaps the extinction of humanity.

Serendipity in edit

serendipity-800-cover-reveal-and-promotionalSerendipity is now with my editor. I’m really hoping to get this published before Christmas. Meanwhile I’m busy editing the first of a series of short stories, entitled Nugget. These will trace the life of David Miller before the start of Foothold. After that, on to book #4!

Serendipity in beta

Finally Serendipity is out in the wild – I distributed it to beta readers yesterday. I’m pretty happy with the way it’s turned out. My editor is booked in for an October 17 start, which is a little later than I hoped but should mean it’ll be out by Christmas. That will make it 18 months since The Seasoning was published – yikes! The next book will be much faster to deliver.