I’m about halfway through the first draft of book five. Not sure yet when it’s going to be ready, but probably early 2019. I’ve pushed to deliver the last two books before Christmas-but I no longer think that’s a good time to deliver a book, and I don’t want to compromise quality. So my best guess right now is first quarter 2019. I wish it could be sooner, but other commitments (e.g. the job that feeds my family) restrict my writing time. I’m hoping to lift my writing rate next year though.

Book 5 underway

I’m about one-fifth the way through my first draft of book five now. No predication on publication date yet–I’ll give it another month or so to see how it goes. I am writing a little slower than last time so I suspect it will be after Christmas rather than before this time.

The Revolution has begun

I’m pleased to announce that book four in the Foothold series is now available from Amazon here: US   UK   Canada  Australia

David Miller leads a team back to the Sol system to discover what has become of his home planet. But first comes Mars, and first comes freedom. The people of Mars suffer under the yoke of a despotic dictator, and the newcomers’ arrival triggers a slow-burning revolution to explode into violence.

Swept up in a war he didn’t want, David must find a way to save the day so he can turn back to his real mission: saving Earth.


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I hit 50% by word count on book #4 today – 55,ooo words. Feels good to have some momentum going. Aiming to finish the first draft by the end of June.

Book 4 underway

My outline for book 4 is now complete and back from my editor. I wrote the first two scenes for the book today – excited to be writing again after a lot of plotting and learning. I know I said it for Serendipity too, but I think this book is shaping up to be the best yet. I guess that’s the point, they should be getting better and better as I improve… no pressure Dennis!