New edition of Foothold published

I’ve just published a new edition of Foothold. The story hasn’t changed but it has been professionally edited and is now a lot tighter and easier to read as a result. I also took the opportunity to update the cover so it looks more like The Seasoning.

Foothold-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

2 comments on “New edition of Foothold published

  1. Hello Dennis, having read “FOOTHOLD” and just finished “The Seasoning” both very very good reads, I have been reading science fiction for 50 years and enjoyed the classics and these 2 stories are exceptional. I am really looking forward to book 3 and if possible could I get a notification when it’s Available?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Derek, sorry for the tardy reply, I get so much spam since moving web hosts the real messages can get lost in the noise. I’m glad you enjoyed my stories. I’d be glad to let you know when Serendipity is available. The best way to would be to sign up to my mailing list using the mailing list link on my website – I use that for notifications, no spam I promise! Book 3 – Serendipity – is coming along fine. I’m working hard on editing it and should I hope have it out to beta readers within the next couple of weeks.

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